Library Board:

Janice Gustafson, President

Jeanine McGaughy, Vice President

Kathleen Parrish, Secretary

Rod Ward, Treasurer

Julie Abbott

Candace Swihart

Sue Routt

Please email the library board at  

To address the message to a particular board member,

please type their name in the Subject line.  Thank you.

Library Board Meetings are open to the public and are held monthly at the library, usually on the fourth Monday at 6:30 pm. 

No December meeting.

2020 Board Meetings:

January 21 - Building Committee, 5:30pm

Agenda    Minutes

January 27 - Finance Committee, 5:30pm

Agenda     Minutes

January 27

Agenda     Minutes

February 4 - Personnel Committee, 6:30pm

Agenda     Minutes

February 24

Agenda     Minutes      Packet

March 10 - Building Committee, 11:00am

Agenda     Minutes - CANCELLED

March 16 - SPECIAL MEETING, 10:00am

Agenda     Minutes

March 23

Agenda     Minutes - CANCELLED

April 13 - SPECIAL MEETING, 6:30pm

Agenda      Minutes

April 27

Agenda     Minutes

May 1 - Long Range Planning Committee, 10:00am

Agenda     Minutes

May 4 - Budget/Finance Committee, 3:00pm

Agenda     Minutes

May 8 - SPECIAL MEETING, 6:30pm

Agenda     Minutes


Agenda     Minutes

June 22

Agenda     Minutes

July 27

Agenda     Minutes 

August 20 - Personnel Committee, 9:00am

Agenda   Minutes

August 20 - Long Range Planning Committee, 9:30am

Agenda     Minutes

August 24

Agenda   Minutes

September 28

Agenda   Minutes

October 26

Agenda   Minutes

November 23

Agenda  Minutes

December 21- SPECIAL MEETING, 5:00pm