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Inside Western District Library: Navigating Books and Sections

Welcome to Western District Library in Orion, IL, where the carefully planned layout invites patrons to explore the diverse offerings in a seamless journey. The library is divided into two main sections, each offering a unique experience to patrons of all ages. The front half of the library is our adult section, while the back half of the library is catered toward children. See a map of our library below.

Library Map

Adult Section

Graphic showing the layout of the front of the library

At the front, the adult area offers selections covering a wide range of interests. Fiction enthusiasts can lose themselves in captivating narratives. Nonfiction lovers can delve into a wealth of factual knowledge in our dedicated nonfiction room, which includes books, DVDs, biographies, and Orion High School yearbooks dating back to 1923. To the right of the main entrance, audiobooks, DVDs, new releases, magazines, and large print books provide a variety of options for visitors. Whether patrons seek entertainment, information, or a quiet place to study, the adult area accommodates all pursuits. 

Children's Section

Graphic showing the back half of the library

Venturing to the back unveils the enchanting children's section, designed to captivate young minds. In addition to an extensive collection spanning young adult, juvenile, and children's subsections, the library offers more than just books. Games invite playful exploration, couches beckon for cozy reading sessions, and study rooms provide a conducive environment for focused learning. The library isn't merely a repository of books; it's a dynamic space fostering a love for literature and knowledge in patrons of all ages.

Understanding Spine Labels and Organization

Behind the scenes, our commitment to an organized library experience is evident through the carefully designed spine labels that adorn each book. These labels serve as a navigational tool for patrons, offering quick insights into the content and category of each item. They also help librarians to find and return books and other items to their dedicated spots with ease.

Here's a breakdown of some of the spine labels you'll encounter:

  • F: Fiction

  • Numbers: Nonfiction

  • LP: Large Print

  • DVD: DVD

  • Audiobook (or CD Book): Audiobook

  • B: Biography

  • J: Juvenile

  • YA: Young Adult

  • E: Children

  • ER: Easy Readers

  • BB: Board Books

  • GN: Graphic Novel

  • HOL: Holiday

  • REF: Reference

See some examples of some of our spine labels below:

In most sections, books are further organized by the author's last name, making it easy for readers with a favorite author. Our DVDs and Video games are organized by the title name. Video games are also organized by the gaming system. The Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) System takes over on the nonfiction shelves, assigning a unique numerical code to each book based on its subject matter. Developed by Melvil Dewey in the late 19th century, this systematic approach ensures a seamless and efficient arrangement of items.

Navigating the Dewey Decimal Classification System

Now, let's delve into how our library's nonfiction collections are organized using the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) System:

  • 000: General works

  • 100: Philosophy and psychology

  • 200: Religion

  • 300: Social sciences

  • 400: Language

  • 500: Natural sciences and mathematics

  • 600: Technology

  • 700: Arts and recreation

  • 800: Literature

  • 900: History and geography

Libraries embrace the DDC System for its simplicity and versatility. By categorizing books into ten main classes and providing a numerical breakdown for each subject, the DDC System is an invaluable tool for librarians and patrons. It enhances the ease of locating books and fosters a consistent and logical organization that transcends individual libraries, creating a universal language of knowledge organization.

Explore Beyond the Shelves

Navigating the library is not just a physical pursuit. Patrons can explore our comprehensive online catalog, check book availability, and place holds for convenient pickups not only within our library but also from more than 100 different libraries within our expansive library system. Beyond the shelves, the library extends its reach with online resources, offering the flexibility to read or listen to books anytime, anywhere. 

Discover Your Next Read at Western District Library

No matter your interests, Western District Library has something for everyone. Our well-organized sections cater to diverse tastes, and our dedicated librarians are ready to assist you in finding the perfect read. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out. Stay connected with us on our Facebook page for updates and exciting events. Thank you for exploring the world of knowledge with Western District Library!



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